Structural Basics & Stability

Role of a structural Engineer

Course Summary

This is a well structured CERTIFIED course to cover some fundamentals in structures in a logical manner.
Practical aspects of Stability is included with examples.

You will learn what the Role of a structural engineer is all about.
You will appreciate that site engineering is application of structures.
You will realise that site engineering and Structures are inseparable.
You will learnon what is meant by ensuring strength.
You will appreciate stability of structures in a manner you never thought before.
You will learn serviceability aspects of  buildings.

Course Curriculum

Premjit Pv

Premjit is a Chartered Structural Engineer (India) with 20 + years of experience in structural analysis & design of civil structures. Experienced in structural design and consulting-coordinating multidisciplinary multi office projects as a Technical lead & project manager.Knowledge of Indian,British,Middle East & South African Standards of Design & practice.

He has been in leadership roles in firms like ATKINS,managing International projects like Gautrain metro.

He is currently a practicing structural consultant in Bangalore & Kochi in India.


  • Member of Institution of Engineers
  • Member,Practicing consultants Association


Structural Engineer

"The course provides a comprehensive understanding of the building design and the use of various software vital for beginners. It has remarkably helped me and now I work in a consulting firm,practicing what I learnt through the course, thanks to Mr. Premjit's savviness. One of the best guides to start off with the designing career!"

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    Learn about Role of a structural Engineer Ensuring strength,stability & serviceability